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Partners Cornhole Tournament

Tournament Info:

Date: July 3, 2023 Time:

5:30 PM

Location: Civic Center Park and Pavilion

Join us for the Mesa Partners Cornhole Tournament, held at the beautiful Civic Center Park and Pavilion. This event promises an evening filled with exciting cornhole action and friendly competition.

Tournament Format: Round Robin

Teams will compete in a round-robin format, guaranteeing multiple matches for each participating team. This format provides an opportunity to showcase your cornhole skills and engage in spirited play with fellow competitors.

To view the team matchups and track the tournament progress, please visit the official Scoreholio event page by clicking the link below:

Scoreholio Event Page

Cornhole Games.jpg
Cornhole Games.jpg

Check-in Time: 4:30 PM

Registered teams and participants, please check in promptly at 4:30 PM to receive your tournament materials.

Fireworks Celebration:

After the tournament, explore Fruita for ideal spots to enjoy the fireworks display. Discover open spaces, parks, or elevated areas for a unique viewing experience. Celebrate the evening by finding your preferred location to appreciate the mesmerizing fireworks in Fruita.

How to Register for the Mesa Partners Cornhole Tournament:

  1. Download the Scoreholio App: Visit the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) and search for "Scoreholio" to download the app.

  2. Open the Scoreholio App: Once installed, open the Scoreholio app on your mobile device.

  3. Search for the Tournament: Use the search function within the app to find the "Mesa Partners Cornhole Tournament." Enter the tournament name directly or scan the provided QR code using your phone's QR code scanner.

4. Access the Tournament Page: Select the Mesa Partners           Cornhole Tournament from the search results to access         the tournament page within the Scoreholio app.

5. Register for the Tournament: Follow the registration                   process within the Scoreholio app. Create an account if           required and provide the necessary details, such as your       team name, player names, and any additional                             information requested for registration. Please note any           applicable registration fees and available payment                   methods.

6. Submit Registration: Review your registration                                 information carefully and submit your registration within       the Scoreholio app.

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