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Our Mission

The mission of Mesa County Partners is to make a difference in the lives of young people by helping them develop a positive self-image, a sense of belonging, and an acceptance of responsibility for their actions. 

Our Vision

Many young people get into trouble because they lack the experience coping with problems and pressures that exist in their lives at home, in school, and in the community.

Partners believes that a one-to-one mentoring relationship with a successfully coping adult can help a young person learn skills that will improve his/her adjustment to societal expectations.

Our goal is to help young people become independent and productive members of society.


Paula Mattas, M.A.
Executive Director
Office: 970-245-5555 ext.110
Direct:  970-730-2057

Tiffany Weimer
Finance & HR Manager
Office: 970-245-5555 ext.104
Direct:  970-730-2074

Restitution & Community Service Program

Grace Chacon
Restitution Program Manager
Office: 970-245-5555 ext.100
Direct: 970-730-2048

Amanda Nelson
Restitution Program Case Manager
Office: 970-245-5555 ext.105
Direct: 970-730-2060

DJ Cordova
Restitution Program Lead Crew Supervisor
Office: 970-245-5555 ext.103
Direct: 970-730-2025

Crew Supervisors
(contact for Saturdays or Sundays)

Restitution Crew Supervisor
Office: 970-245-5555 ext. 102
Direct: 970-730-2070


Blake Ammon
Mentoring Program Director
Office: 970-245-5555 ext.101
Direct: 970-730-2069

Mary D'Amico

Mentoring Case Manager

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.108

Direct: 970-730-2037

Amber Martinez
Mentoring Case Manager
Office: 970-245-5555 ext.106
Direct: 970-730-2036

Maggie Scofield
School-Based Mentoring & Case Manager
Office: 970-245-5555 ext.109
Direct: 970-730-2045

Western Colorado Conservation Corps

Jeff Roberts
WCCC Director
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 205
Direct: 970-730-2052

Clark Bouton
WCCC Logistics Coordinator
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 204
Direct: 970-730-2055

Matt Costigan
WCCC Field Manager
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 203

Direct: 970-730-2016

Bailey Goldberg
WCCC Assistant Field Manager
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 203
Direct: 970-730-2051

Adam McDonagh
WCCC Assistant Field Manager
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 209

Direct: 970-730-2034

Marcus Kissner
WCCC Associate Director
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 206
Direct: 970-730-2040

Morgan Smith
WCCC Case Manager/AmeriCorps
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 212
Direct: 970-730-2056

Patrick Tobin
WCCC Saw Tech
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 202
Direct: 970-730-2050

Travis Boone
WCCC Assistant Field Manager
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 201

Direct: 970-730-2016

Anja Riedel
WCCC Administrative Assistant
Office: 970-241-1027 ext. 208
Direct: 970-730-2072

Our Board of Directors

Karen Dornburg - Chairperson
Martha Kent - Vice Chairperson
Erick Field - Finance Chair
Frank Lindemann - Past Chair
Molly Jo Rodriguez
Nick Brutosky
Jennifer Springer
Lori Carlston-Thompson
Alyssa Austin
Luke Carleo
John Kelleher
Shawn Hasty
Linda Mendenhall

Scott Fairbanks
Kim Espindola

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