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Over 100 kids in Mesa County are waiting on a mentor like you!

What is the Mentoring Program?

Mesa Partners' Mentoring Program matches youth ages 7-17 with a mentor in our community to help provide emotional support and guidance. Often these youth are missing people in their life to be a positive role model for their success. Be it a kid's trouble in school, at home, or in their own social circles, a mentor is proven to help improve graduation rates, stress-coping, personal health, and reducing delinquency.

The Purpose of the Mentoring Program:

    - Provide a positive adult role model for youth 

    - Establish communication, trust, and respect

    - Raise the youth's self-esteem and outlook on life

The Partners Organization Provides:

    - Staff support and monthly contact

    - Free or low-cost activities and life skills workshops     

    - Senior Partner training

What is involved in becoming a Mentor?

Mentors are asked to spend 3 hours a week with their mentee which could mean a lifetime of difference to a child in need of guidance. The first step in becoming a Partners' Mentor is effortless. Simply attend a Partners’ sponsored orientation (noncommittal). During this session, it can be determined if the program will work for you!

Who are the kids?

-Our mentees are referred to us by various outside agencies. They are children, ages 7-17, who need a positive and stable adult role model in their lives. 

-Every mentor and child are matched based on personal interests to help ensure compatibility.

Our Impact:

2021 was a great year for the Mentoring Program and here are just a few of our accomplishments:


  • 27 youth were matched with an adult mentor 

  • 617 kids attended 96 activities such as rafting, Get Air, and mountain biking 

  • Adult volunteers spent over 11,000 hours mentoring young people in Mesa County

  • Positive collaborations include Western Colorado Community College and Colorado Canyons Association

As of today there over 100 active Partnerships!

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Did you know?

  • ​1 in 3 young people are growing up without a mentor outside their family. This is the mentoring gap in America. 

  • That’s 9 million young people without a mentor outside their family to walk alongside them through their journey. 

  • At a time when much of the focus is on what divides us, MENTOR research shows that there is something the majority of Americans agree on: mentoring relationships are powerful tools for connection and are critical to our country’s future.

  • Americans are overwhelmingly crossing racial, economic, and other bridges to mentor young people outside their families.

  • More than 80% of adults agree with government investment in mentoring, and more than two-thirds are already mentoring or willing to consider it.

Questions or Concerns?


Please contact our amazing mentoring staff:


Blake Ammon, Program Manager
970-730-2069 ​

Mary D'Amico, Case Manager

Amber Martinez, Case Manager


Maggie Scofield, School-Based Mentoring Case Manager


Main phone: 970-245-5555 ext. 101, 108, 105, or 109

From left to top right:  Blake,  Mary, Amber and Maggie!

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