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School-Based Mentoring

What is
School-Based Mentoring?

In February 2023, we launched our School-Based Mentoring program. Kids spend a significant portion of their time – 35 hours a week – at school, where they make crucial decisions and shape their identities. That's why we're offering a unique opportunity for a mentor to work alongside them within their school, providing emotional, social, and academic support throughout these formative moments.

Since February 2023

& Have Served

We Have Partnered With





Grand Mesa Middle School & Bookcliff Middle School



School-based Mentors aren't counselors, they aren't parents, they aren't just friends. Mentors are wise adults who a mentee can rely on and trust. They are there to teach life skills, navigate (social, emotional, academic) issues, and to be a consistent advocate.


 We ask for a full school-year commitment (August-May). Mentorships are expected to meet for an average of an hour on a weekly basis.

In-school Mentors are only meeting with their students with-in the school building. 

Getting Involved

1) The process begins by filling out our online application.

2) After that is reviewed Mentors will be invited to a non-committal orientation meeting. 

3) If one decides to proceed as a Mentor and passes the screening process, they will be matched with a mentee.

We encourage the process to start before the next school year begins. 

For further information, contact our School-Based Case Manager: Maggie Scofield 

Office Phone: (970) 730-2045

Group Activities

All current School-Based Mentees are invited to join Partner's group mentoring activities. The liability and consent forms will need to be signed before admittance to events. 

Click below to see our monthly activities:

Click below for the Liability & Consent forms:

Questions about the referral process?

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