Paula Mattas, M.A.

Executive Director of Operations

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.110

Direct: 970-730-2057

Blake Ammon

Mentoring Program Manager

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.101

Direct: 970-730-2069

DJ Cordova

Job Coordinator/Lead Crew Supervisor

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.103

Direct: 970-730-2025

Mary D'Amico

Mentoring Case Manager

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.108

Direct: 970-730-2037

Liz Cottingham

Juvenile Justice Coordinator

District DYS and County and Municipal Courts

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.106

Direct: 970-730-2036

Tony Mendez

Juvenile Justice Coordinator

District Probation 

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.100

Direct: 970-730-2048

Joe Funk

Mentoring Case Manager

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.105

Direct: 970-730-2060

Stacy Cox

Juvenile Justice Coordinator (Diversion)

21st Judicial District


Sue Sullivan

Special Projects Coordinator 

Office: 970-245-5555 ext.111

Direct: 970-730-2008

Crew Supervisors (contact for Saturdays or Sundays)

Restitution Crew Supervisor

Office: 970-245-5555 ext. 102

Direct: 970-730-2070

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