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The Restitution program allows youth the opportunity to preform court-ordered community service, and/or earn restitution to pay their victims.
We hold various classes, including Victim Empathy and Rethinking Substances which give youth the opportunity to explore how their actions have harmed themselves and their community. Youth work hard to repair these harms through activities and community service on our work crews!

Do you have a job that needs done?

Partners Restitution Crews are now taking jobs for 2023! Our crews can help with landscaping, cleaning jobs, and much more! With Partners Restitution Program, not only will you get the job done, but you will also be helping the youth of Mesa County. Restitution crews are always under adult supervision and must follow child labor laws. Please fill out the form below or call 970-730-2025 to learn more!

Now hiring Restitution crew leaders!

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