Our Mission is to make a difference in the lives of young people by helping them develop a positive self image, a sense of belonging, and an acceptance of responsibility for their actions.

Mesa County Partners Inc.

Our Philosophy

Many young people get into trouble because they lack the experience coping with problems and pressures that exist in their lives at home, in school, and in the community. Partners believes that a one to one relationship with a successfully coping adult can help a young person learn skills that will improve his/her adjustment to societal expectations. Partners believes in holding youth accountable for their actions while supporting them and teaching them new skills. Our goal is to help young people become independent and productive members of society.

Our History

Partners is part of a national association that began in Denver in 1968. Initially Partners focused solely on juvenile offenders. Today there are 6 Partners affiliates throughout Colorado that works with a wide range of youth who are in need of friends, advocates, and positive role models in their lives.

For more information about the Partners Mentoring Association and our other Colorado Affiliates, click here: http://www.partnersmentoringassociation.org/
Mesa County Partners was formed in August of 1977 when a group of business leaders, agency representatives, and private individuals met to discuss the rising crime rate among youth in Mesa County. This group decided to invite Partners into Mesa County because other Partners programs had successfully curbed crime among youths.

Impact of Partners Programs:

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Mesa County Partners Board
of Directors 2013/2014


Partners Board Pictured: Left to right bottom row,  Laura Riddle, Betty Fulton, George Rossman, Bill Rockwood, Lori Carlston-Thompson, Eric Feild.      Left to right, Top row: Matthew Sullivan, Will Hays, Lois McClure, Andrew Peters, Janet Howell, Danette Callaway. Board members not pictured: Ben VanHoosse, Georgeann Jouflas, Tim Leon, Merle Reiners, Rob Vavak, Scott Aker, Cameron Reece